Lisa Uhlig


Artist Bio:
Lisa Uhlig is a Brooklyn based Artist. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Art in illustration from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. After receiving her illustration degree from FIT, she has spent her time doing fine art framing for many NYC Museums and galleries, as well as freelance illustration and tattooing.
Lisa is dedicated to helping her fellow man. She volunteered as an Emergency Medical Technician and as a "Big Sister" for Big Brother and Big Sisters of NYC, mentoring at risk youth. Lisa realized that within her was a further desire to help others. She went back to school and completed a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry and now attends Ross University School of Medicine.
The works that she creates are a marriage of these two disciplines- art & science. During her pre-med studies she discovered a love of chemistry and quickly found ways of using the experiments she was learning in artistic ways. Using methods such as crystallization, oxidation and electrical conductivity she is creating works that are as much her conceptualism as they are forces of nature, which cannot be contained. Lisa has already built a fan base of these works and she is constantly refining, innovating and experimenting with new mediums.

Artist Statement:
I create art as a visual and emotional interpretation of my life. A chronicle of the sights and sounds of everyday: people, places, things and knowledge gained. Life is never limited, neither is my medium.

Painting with physical forces is an exploration of the interaction of art and science.
The series “Metals & Salts” is a portrait of solubility, erosion, crystallization and deposition. Paint of varying solubilities are applied generously to canvas, then subjected to a flood of water. This creates compositions as the water erodes the paint and forces it to deposit onto other areas and the paints aggregate due to the "hydrophobic effect" This combined with the application of salt creates a topography of color and crystallization.
New processes are being developed to create paintings based on different physical phenomena.
-Magnetism is used to create compositions with Iron and household chemistry to induce oxidation of the metal
-Deposition of Silver on glass is used to produce works that are both a mirror and painting.

  • Use of high voltage and electrolyte solutions to sculpt forms in wood.
    The study of Organic Chemistry and Physics were fundamental in developing this process. This is a part of a larger effort to make science and art more accessible to society.

Instagram : lisa_uhlig


Bachelor of Fine Arts

Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, NY

Concentration: Illustration

Bachelor of Science

Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY

Concentration: Biology & Chemistry


Rosen Fellowship Rosen Family- Brooklyn College

Painting with Physical Forces


Past to Present, Life in the Art of Tattoo Painting at Independence Seaport Museum, Philadelphia, PA

Tattooed New York at New York Historical Society, New York, NY

Postcards from the Edge at Metro Pictures, New York, NY

Borderless Brooklyn at Brooklyn Beauty Fashion Labo, Brooklyn, NY


  • Illustration


  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Art Handling
  • Picture Framing